What should I call you?
You can call me Andra.

Where and whom do you live with?
I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, with my husband and our daughter, Aura Suri.

Since when did you start blogging?
I started blogging in 2008. It was the time when I had just graduated and had a lot of free times to arrange portfolio and do networking. Until 2012, my blog was mainly filled with photographs and portfolio. I rarely put my personal thoughts back then. In 2014, I had to take a break from photography to focus on IVF treatment in Penang, Malaysia. I was heartbroken to become fully unavailable as a photographer, yet I found blogging as another way to keep me productive. This blog is the place where I share moments that are happening around me everyday, mostly related to lifestyle, beauty, travel and food.

Why did you choose beauty and lifestyle as your blog’s main topics?
Almost everyone had asked the same question. During my career in photography, I had spent a lot of time teaming up with makeup artists and hair stylists who taught me a lot of information about makeup, hairstyling, and skincare. For years I had gained knowledge from them for free. That’s why I chose to keep on sharing what I learnt from them through my writings, because I believe in good karma. One of the reasons why I love makeup and beauty is the idea that they are considered as expressive and pleasing medium for women.

Your blog’s traffic is massive, how could that happen?
I don’t have a genuine answer for this. I have blogged for almost seven years and I always try to write consistently so that my blog grows organically.

Any tips or advice on blogging?
Be your own unique self and always stay true to yourself. People will enjoy your blog if you write honest content that comes from your heart. Write and share things that you are passionate about.

What camera do you use?
Currently I use Fujifilm XE-3 with XF 18mm F 2 R, 23mm F 1.4 R and 35mm F 1.4 R.

How did you start liking photography?
I started liking photography when I was a highschooler at the age of 16. The first time I tried photographing was using an analog camera that belonged to my mother. Under Visual Communication Design degree I picked up a lot of basics in photography, and years were spent for me to find my ‘identity’. When I graduated I honestly didn’t know which direction I was going towards. And then everything happened very naturally just like it was meant to be this way, and I’ve been in the industry and photography career ever since. I choose photography because through it, I found the most comfortable medium to express my ideas.

Did you get a degree in photography?
No, I was a self-taught learner.

Do you edit your photographs? What program do you use to edit them?
Of course I do. I always need to do some minor editing such as brightness and contrast. I use Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1.

Who takes your pictures?
Mostly my husband and my photographer friend, Sabila Anjani.

What camera is the best for photography?
I cannot answer this. It totally depends on your need, budget, and personal taste.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
It totally varies. I could spend hours to browse daily inspiration. I also enjoy reading, watching TV, going to mall for a window-shopping, having quality talk with some friends, and listening to good music. Besides, I never forget to jot down my thoughts so they won’t just be thrown away and forgotten.

Which one do you like best: photographer or blogger?
Those two professions are totally different and I personally enjoy both. At the moment, I really enjoy my blogging life since I want to appreciate my precious moment as a wife and mom. Although I really miss photography, for now I make family a priority instead of career.

Can I ask some advice for my skin or health condition?
I would love to help, but everything reviewed on this blog is based on my personal thoughts and experience. Since what works for me may not necessarily work for you, I cannot give individual advice for your problems. If you have skin, health, or fertility problem, please consult to your doctor.

I want to invite you to a campus event or discuss Andra as the topic of my university final project. Are you interested?
To be honest, I would like to. But for now, those things are not in the list of my priority and I do not have time for that.

Can I ask you questions or say hi through email?
Of course, yes! I’m always happy to read incoming emails and I will try my best to respond every single one of them. But please understand that sometimes I just unable to do so when I’m still juggling with my work, marriage, and other responsibilities. Apart from that, I truly appreciate your messages and thoughts!