Looks like not so many people know that "Teristimewa" was written by my dear husband, Abenk Alter. Aside from being proposed in a public place, this single of Andien Aisyah is one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. It has a special meaning for my husband and I. Not only since it is sung by Abenk’s childhood friend, but also because Abenk said that the song came to a realisation inspired by me. At first I thought that he would introduce the song in his solo album, but he didn’t. Instead, he let Andien sings this beautiful song of ours. She even shot the music video in New York with Fimela!

Speaking about love life, I actually haven’t told mine much in this blog. Abenk and I first knew each other from a friend of ours, Deri, during the times when Soulvibe prepared their debut album. He told me a lot about Abenk until we finally met each other at Soulvibe’s photo shoot (we didn’t talk much back then!). Two years passed and God knows why we accidentally met at Pacific Place, and since then we started to contact each other through Blackberry Messenger after I first mentioned him on Twitter. Every time we’re hanging up, my heart would always went BOOM; first because he’d always smelt sooo good and second, the way he looked me in the eye—he’s got a set of beautiful eagle eyes!

After a month of getting to know each other, we’re officially dating. Though the relationship we had was not the so serious one, I later found out that I had a different feeling to him than what I had on my past relationships.

Our love story was not like the one you read in a fairytale. We went on and off for about three times and that successfully stressed me out to think that we were not click. Many times I cried for our not-so-smooth communication. But then, there he was, after our third break up, he wanted to make up. And by which, he meant he wanted to marry me! I was so surprised that time, seriously, who doesn’t?! Long story short, following the six months preparations, we finally become a couple of husband and wife. To be honest, one day before our wedding day I still had a doubt, like, “Whoa, am I really going to be somebody’s wife?” That’s just out of my mind back then.

But I can now say that I’m a lot happier than I was before we’re married. Abenk makes me happy. He makes me have a person to get a daily motivation from, and the most important thing is, he comes as a great partner to spend my life with, through ups and downs. Every time I wake up, I’m always thankful for having Abenk beside me. Never I forget to kiss and give him a hug while whisper, “I love you” (though he doesn’t seem to listen since he’s usually still sleeping). Sometimes I pray for us to die together, thus there would be none of us being left alone :)

I wouldn’t deny that we had our bad days and I dare to say that even though we’re married, we’re not always see everything eye to eye. But those were nothing because we went through it together. We complete each other. There’s the fun thing about us: Abenk is a Pisces and I’m a Libra, which according to our zodiac signs, we’re totally not made for each other!! Just like, “I don’t get you” hahaha. But whatever the zodiac says, that has no proves since we’re in love and have commitments and that is all.

To me, my husband is not only a husband who leads me or pays the bill. Mine is my 24-7 partner, or I could say that he is the bestest friend that I could ever ask for. Abenk is my Teristimewa besides my parents.

So, how about you? Who’s the person you consider as "teristimewa" besides your parents? :)




  1. Aaaaaaa! So sweeetttt Kak Andraaa!
    Sayangnya saya belum menemukan seseorang yang teristimewa selain orang tua saya hari ini. Doakan ya! Hihi

  2. sukakk pake bgt fotonya, banyak makna bahagia ,. huu ,, huuu,. inspiring dipagi hari :*

  3. Awww such a sweet morning reading! Aku iseng baca "related articles" yg ada di bawah, and I can't hold myself pas baca cerita gmn kak Abenk ngelamar kakak. Kalian berdua ngingetin dunia kalau true soulmates is exist <3

    Anyway, thanks God I've found myself someone whom I consider as a "teristimewa" in my life. We're not married yet (soon), but he's a true best friend and the one who I can count on. Aku doain buat kalian berdua tetep sweet and happily ever after yaa. Be blessed!

    xo Jane

    1. Hi Jane, you're so sweet! Aku doain juga yang terbaik untuk kamu yaaa :) God bless you! xo

  4. Pas banget kak dari kemaren aku ngedengerin lagu ini terus, lagi ada di playlist aku... suka banget sama lagunya... :)

  5. Sama kayak kamu Andra, Suami yang paling istimewa karena ada banyak sekali kejadian up and down tapi dia masih bisa meluk dan bilang "kita pasti baik2 aja" hehehe.

  6. ah alodita, I have known that Teristimewa is for you :D, you've already mention it in your post Monday, August 18, 2014 "Cermin Inspirasi" though not directly but it mentions there with only one click to the link provided. Sebenernya sudah kepikiran utk nanyain gimana rasanya waktu pertama kali tahu klo ada lagu yang inspired by and for you? tp blm ada postinganmu yang pas utk ditaruh pertanyaan itu..now I ask you the question, you haven't mentioned it in this post anyway...hehehe...Anyway I like the song's lyric, simple, sederhana but touchy..I just like anything that simple though hehehe.." Tuhan jagalah dirinya, Karna tanpa dia ku takkan bisa..." (Teristimewa, Andien), so take a good care for yourself Alo', cause someone can't life without you.may you both live happily ever after :D.

  7. hehehe.. dulu pernah baca tulisan proposalmu yang di pinggir danau ayodya yaa klo ngga salah :") dan itu bikin apa ya hehe iri iri gimanaa gituu.. kalian pasangan yang sangat menyenangkann, suka sekalii :")

  8. kak Abenk beruntung sekali punya kak Andra, begitu sebaliknya :)

  9. The song is awesome kak!
    Tapi yang "teristimewa" adalah God bless you & kak Abenk. Amen.

  10. Ya ampunnnnnn~ so sweeeett~ jadi iri deh liat foto kak andra sama suami.hihihi~ *kapan yah aku?* :D

  11. soul mate does exist! :) reading your post on how you describe your love story with abenk put smile on my face! big one!! :D marriage life can be tricky but i do believe if you're with the right person everything will be just alright!! cheers for you and abenk!!!! :)

    and yes! i found my "teristimewa" already!! my hubby!! been married for 4 years and counting .. btw, pas baca artikel kamu dilamar sebelom lamaran resmi jadi inget cerita aku juga hihihi .. aku dilamar sehari sebelom lamaran resmi! bedanya ga pake balon, ... pake es jeruk anget and he did kneel down as well :) anyway, abundance happiness for your future, andra!!! :)

  12. so sweeeet!
    "Teristimewa" aku adalah suamiku sendiri. Kami sudah menikah hampir 8 tahun :)
    Dia yang selalu ngasih kebebasan serta dukungan untuk aku ngelakuin apa aja dan menjadi apa saja :)
    I think, I just lucky ;)

  13. Hiiii!
    I'm your new reader and I felt so happyyy reading this post heheheh :)
    As time goes by, I usually read how people's relationships are perfect and such. Jadi seneng juga baca yang awal awal nya bumpy but made it at the end :D

    I found my "special" one and he is the best- best friend I could ask for. :)
    It's funny how the zodiacs told Gemini (me) and Capricorn (him) are not the best match, yet I feel that we "complete" each other in some ways. Walaupun iya sih suka berantem karna beda pendapat, beda pikiran lah, beda personalities. Tapi setiap aku marah sama dia as a boy friend, I can never be mad at him as my best friend. It's funny how this works sometime.. :)

    I hope you will live a happier life in the future with your soulmate! God bless! :)

  14. Halo, kak Alo...I'm a Libra, too...I was born in October,18th...^^