Every time I'm on interviews or just having chit chats with my friends, there are plenty of questions regarding how very, really, inspired I am, of Lady Gaga. Some closed friends find it weird, some others also mock Gaga's 'looniness' sometimes, there are other who thought Lady Gaga is so not me.

Guess this is the time to reveal my love and affections of her. The first time I hear one of her songs was in 2009. At first I found it weird, but it started to be interesting. And then I accidentally saw her music videos. "This woman is beyond crazy" was my first thought, no doubt. I then stumbled upon an article about her and in that article it said how back in school Gaga was one of the girls who got bullied by the kids around her, her ex boyfriend himself told her once that she will never succeed on her own, Gaga also is not the type of celebrity who spends nights out partying and getting drunk, she'd rather stay in, be in the studio, write songs and do a lot of brainstorming for her stage concepts and performances.
She really is one of a kind.

That reminds me how Ryan Tedder once write that "No one works harder than Lady Gaga. Nobody. She is unbelievable.", adding to that her personal trainer also added that Gaga never complained about the amount of hours she need to exercise to shape her body up and also stay in shape.

Behind those crazy costumes and acts on public, lies a great lady to look up to. That's an image of Lady Gaga in my opinion. She is, without doubt, a creative, talented person who doesn't go down easily by people's mockeries, she works for the sake of her passion, to appreciate her self, and I think her hard work deserves some thumbs up and to become other's motivation, myself included. Behind her craziness, I really think that not everybody could pull it off the way Gaga does, that goes to the amount of guts and and self expressions.

Lady Gaga is one of a successful people, and that's the reason why I'm very inspired by her.

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