What is happiness to you?

What’s capable of making you happy? 

Happiness, to me, is limitless. 

It could come from anything, anywhere, anytime, anyone. 

It’s simple, really. 

I could easily feel joyful when I use a brand new soap, or by seeing fresh flowers, or when my favorite brands launch new collections at the stores, or whenever I have the chance to eat lunch at home with my Mom, or just simply getting simple messages from the loved ones. I once got very happy that I experienced eating the most delicious bakpao in Tomohon, Manado, while gazing at the swimming koi fish in the aquarium. And happiness could come from much simpler things such as when I’m able to wear flip flops during work because I can’t stand being in heels for hours and have to walk in them every time.

Happiness is that simple.

A few of my closest people probably notice that I’m very obsessed with finding happiness and the idea of happiness in deeper understanding. I always want to be a happy person. I learned from the simplest things we go through daily. If we add them up everyday, it will form the kind of savings account of joy, and we can spend them in the days when we need them. I usually note them down in my little journal book, dot points of the things that make me happy.

For example:
1.  My first time being and shooting in University of Indonesia’s campus library.

2.  I tried eating at University of Indonesia’s canteen.

3.  I had a very great and fun video team today

4.  On my way home, the traffic wasn’t so bad and the air after the rain’s nice

5.  Got home, and Mom checked on me see if I was feeling alright

6.  Sabila, my assistant, helped me finish up my works this evening

7.  Got to have dinner at home

8.  My boyfriend called me, just a minute after I BBM him

9.  I had a package sent to me from Puri
10. I’m laying in my bed, writing this and blogging this – so I can share it with so many people.

Simple, huh? Imagine me writing 10 points every day for a year, I would have 3650 happiness in every year! Imagine if you have 50 points, 100 points or even 200 points of happiness per day. 

I’m sure it would result you something unexpectedly amazing.

Create your own happiness that comes within yourself and share it with others around you.


  1. Hi kak Alo. Sorry if it's too creepy if you find out I stalked your 3 years ago writings. I'm just curious about your secret by being so happy cause I need it for now. Thanks for sharing and keep gorgeous:)

    1. Hi Sarra. It's okay, thanks for stopping by ya! :)