Remember my recent amazing personal experience with SK-II product?

Here’s a little sequel to that. In the day SK-II Festive "Share Happiness" event was happening, I met Ms. Mida, SK-II’s Beauty Consultant. She also happens to be the wonderful person behind my healthy skin condition now. She was the one who did my skin check and suggested me to use SK-II products, before I became The Key Opinion Leader for SK-II Indonesia.

All the beauty products I use everyday are absolutely my most carefully picked, and all of SK-II’s products I pick are not just some ‘buy and use and we’ll see how it goes’ kinds of products, each product to its own specialty and specific use for my skin. And I really followed Ms. Mida’s helpful suggestions and recommendations. Not forgetting my SK-II skin check result combined together, that it makes such accurate amazing choices for the best skin condition.

Ms. Mida admitted how amazing improved my skin condition is, and that there are so many positive changes on my skin. I told her ‘I couldn’t even believe that this glow on my face is because of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. To be honest, it’s almost impossible for such magical skincare to ever exist.’ yet it is something true. You can see the changes on my ‘before and after’ picture.

It’s safe to say that Ms. Mida is one of the people who really encourage and excite me to use SK-II. She once told me that while we’re using SK-II FTE, the first thing our skin do is detoxing, which is why there will be small dry pimples occurring and yes, it isn't an instant process (and besides, nothing good comes easy and fast, right?), and that it takes about 2-3 months for the real cleansing to happen. But the result in the end is very satisfying and I’m really glad I decided to stick around.

It makes me giggle when I think back about two years ago, remembering how I discovered one of the best gifts that I rewarded myself with, and now, I’m feeling rather amazing everyday, the awesome SK-II skincare products and all the wonderful things it’s given me.

How was your first experience with SK-II skincare products? You can share your story here.

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