Which One? Small, Medium or Large?

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Which bags do you frequently carry, small bags, medium bags or large bags? Or perhaps even extra large?
I used to always carry medium to large bag with me everywhere. 

But one day, my father was telling me off because my bag was always too heavy! I always thought that I have so many things to bring with me, the things that I don’t actually need at all time, and perhaps the fact that that bag was leather and strong too. My Father told me that if I continue burdening my back with too heavy of things like that, the upshot will come chasing me later in my old days. Then he told me about one of his friends that had the same bad habit, who’s got a lifetime severe back and shoulder injury from years of carrying heavy bags everyday. 

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Oh no!

Ever since that eye opening story, I went through my closet and discovered some small and light bags I’ve owned but rarely used. I even started to not bring my wallet around if I didn’t need it as much. My Uniqlo tote bag was starting to be a better substitute instead, for me to put small things so I can leave them in my car and only carry with me my essentials. 

Funny how it all reminds me of my friend, who’s also my blog editor, who always only carries a tiny black purse that only fits her cash, cigarette, lighter and a lipstick.

So this is my favourite small bag, and I’m definitely thinking of getting more handy bags. 

What’s your favourite small/large bag?


  1. my favorite is medium bag but I don't bring many stuff. it's funny because when I use the small bag, I feel that I don't use any bag, like too lightly haha but I love a vintage bag.

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