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Cotton Ink Top, Uniqlo Pants, ECCO Sandals, Torisaru Tokyo Canvas Clutch and Duepunti Rings


Remember my recent amazing personal experience with SK-II product?

Here’s a little sequel to that. In the day SK-II Festive "Share Happiness" event was happening, I met Ms. Mida, SK-II’s Beauty Consultant. She also happens to be the wonderful person behind my healthy skin condition now. She was the one who did my skin check and suggested me to use SK-II products, before I became The Key Opinion Leader for SK-II Indonesia.

All the beauty products I use everyday are absolutely my most carefully picked, and all of SK-II’s products I pick are not just some ‘buy and use and we’ll see how it goes’ kinds of products, each product to its own specialty and specific use for my skin. And I really followed Ms. Mida’s helpful suggestions and recommendations. Not forgetting my SK-II skin check result combined together, that it makes such accurate amazing choices for the best skin condition.

Ms. Mida admitted how amazing improved my skin condition is, and that there are so many positive changes on my skin. I told her ‘I couldn’t even believe that this glow on my face is because of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. To be honest, it’s almost impossible for such magical skincare to ever exist.’ yet it is something true. You can see the changes on my ‘before and after’ picture.

It’s safe to say that Ms. Mida is one of the people who really encourage and excite me to use SK-II. She once told me that while we’re using SK-II FTE, the first thing our skin do is detoxing, which is why there will be small dry pimples occurring and yes, it isn't an instant process (and besides, nothing good comes easy and fast, right?), and that it takes about 2-3 months for the real cleansing to happen. But the result in the end is very satisfying and I’m really glad I decided to stick around.

It makes me giggle when I think back about two years ago, remembering how I discovered one of the best gifts that I rewarded myself with, and now, I’m feeling rather amazing everyday, the awesome SK-II skincare products and all the wonderful things it’s given me.

How was your first experience with SK-II skincare products? You can share your story here.


Greeting Christmas this year (Festive Season), with the first producer of a premium brand for the best world-class crystal element; Swarovski. 
Trying something new and magical by collaborating with Yayasan Kanker Indonesia (YKI), SK-II launches a limited edition of their Facial Treatment Essence (FTE). They are teaming up to ease the struggles of cancer survivors in Indonesia. Other than an auction of SK-II’s FTE bottles Swarovski edition, SK-II’s loyal consumers can also trade their empty bottles with a “Share Happiness” card to give moral support to the cancer survivors. Be a part of it starting this October to December 2013.

I was beyond grateful to recently be able to participate in SK-II Share Happiness event with Mr. Bambang from P&G, also not forgetting SK-II Brand Ambassador Mrs. Susan Bachtiar and Mrs. Silvy from YKI. It’s such a humble experience and I was glad to be sharing the love.

Which One? Small, Medium or Large?

 photo small-bag1_zps0b5282f8.jpg
Which bags do you frequently carry, small bags, medium bags or large bags? Or perhaps even extra large?
I used to always carry medium to large bag with me everywhere. 

But one day, my father was telling me off because my bag was always too heavy! I always thought that I have so many things to bring with me, the things that I don’t actually need at all time, and perhaps the fact that that bag was leather and strong too. My Father told me that if I continue burdening my back with too heavy of things like that, the upshot will come chasing me later in my old days. Then he told me about one of his friends that had the same bad habit, who’s got a lifetime severe back and shoulder injury from years of carrying heavy bags everyday. 

 photo small-bag4_zps8e73f5ea.jpg
Oh no!

Ever since that eye opening story, I went through my closet and discovered some small and light bags I’ve owned but rarely used. I even started to not bring my wallet around if I didn’t need it as much. My Uniqlo tote bag was starting to be a better substitute instead, for me to put small things so I can leave them in my car and only carry with me my essentials. 

Funny how it all reminds me of my friend, who’s also my blog editor, who always only carries a tiny black purse that only fits her cash, cigarette, lighter and a lipstick.

So this is my favourite small bag, and I’m definitely thinking of getting more handy bags. 

What’s your favourite small/large bag?


Finally! After many requests for recipes of my usual homemade meals, I’ve decided to add another new category to my blog, which I simply called the ‘Food’ category!
I’m very excitedly happy and grateful that I’ve managed to cook proper meals now. For someone who had no real cooking experiences before, I’m not so bad at all! At first I was just browsing on the Internet for easy recipes and self-teaching myself, guided only by my Mother’s holy kitchen bible. And it took a lot of practice through simple recipes until I can finally put more delicious main dishes to my plate. The motivation also comes from having a husband that is a picky eater. From what I’ve observed he prefers Western food. But thankfully despite his pickiness he would still eat anything I make for him and he always appreciates my cooking. So I was figuring a way to create healthier meals that are just as amazing as the ones in restaurants. And so I started experimenting, asking here and there and collecting quick and easy recipes.

The start of my cooking journey wasn’t an instant success. Besides, first trials are meant to make you develop anyway right? Then through more experiments and strong will to improve big, I succeeded! Not to mention that I am also surrounded by close friends who are great cooks such as Katarina Aie, Catherine Sumitri and also my blog editor, Chitra, whom I can steal some excellent recipes from.

So let’s cut this talk short and rush straight to my home cooked recipes. These awesome recipes are dedicated to all the newlyweds around, and also all the ladies out there who want to be able to cook great meals with only so little of time.

And also, I will gladly let you know that most of the ingredients I use are the usual ingredients I could find in my kitchen. Which means that they’re possibly available in your kitchen too! These recipes are meant to be easy, quick and simple to make. So don’t be expecting photographs of amazing plating like the ones on restaurant’s menu, but do expect amazing meals that would vanish in less than 15 minutes from your plate.

I hope you enjoy #aloditaskitchen and happy cooking!

My Favorite Beauty Webstores

* this is not a sponsored post *
What do you usually do in your free time?
Well, if you ask me, I will gladly say online shopping! 
Of course I have solid reasons behind that seemingly dangerous hobby of mine. Firstly, living in Jakarta (as the world has probably known) means ‘traffic jams 24/7’. I will definitely spend hours on the road if I decide to shop at the malls or department stores. Traffic is utterly problematic for people who live in Jakarta, and not everyone has the time for that everyday. 
Secondly, online shopping is more convenient and simple, I could use my time browsing the details of the wanted products or reading reviews instead of spending my energy on road rage. 
However, though I’ve shopped online a lot, I haven’t exactly relied fully on the usage of credit cards when shopping. And therefore, here’s some of my most favorite beauty web stores that enable us to pay using bank transfer, or better yet, using daily BCA or Mandiri transfer. 
SK-II Pitera Essence Set
Olay Regenerist Megasonic Specialist Cleanser
Maybelline Color Tattoo “Bold Gold” & “Bad to the Bronze”
Beauty Blender
Sara Happ Vanilla Bean Lip Scrub
SLEEK Eye Palette “Storm”

My First Outfit Post

 photo outfit-SEPT8674_zpsbec638ba.jpg
Lots of people doing 'Outfit Of The Day' or #OOTD but I've never done one! Here's my first OOTD post :)

 photo outfit-SEPT8689_zpse6c5ceb2.jpg  photo outfit-SEPT8701_zps535b997c.jpg
Top: Geulis
Bottom: Geulis
Bag: Céline Trio

Photos by Michael Cools


 photo BB0006_zps71f9fa8d.jpg
Ever since I’ve been posting on Instagram, many have asked me about the benefits of using SK-II FTE (Facial Treatment Essence). As I have mentioned everywhere, I used to have a real problematic skin condition, and now it’s just a history. Weird enough that a lot didn’t believe me when I told me that my facial skin has gone through a major breakout, that I had those teeny phase of wanting to cry every time I look at my face in the mirror. Trust me, it happened.

{Update 20/09/2016 -- to see my latest skincare routine please read here}

In 2011, stressful was an everyday thing to deal with. My skin, that’d never been that bad, suddenly was pimply and totally far from fair. I tried almost everything I could, including going to the most recommended doctor in Jakarta (including the queuing from around 5 in the morning). At first, in about 2-3 months, my skin got better; unfortunately it only lasted for half a year. And the stress returned yet again.


Every time I'm on interviews or just having chit chats with my friends, there are plenty of questions regarding how very, really, inspired I am, of Lady Gaga. Some closed friends find it weird, some others also mock Gaga's 'looniness' sometimes, there are other who thought Lady Gaga is so not me.

Guess this is the time to reveal my love and affections of her. The first time I hear one of her songs was in 2009. At first I found it weird, but it started to be interesting. And then I accidentally saw her music videos. "This woman is beyond crazy" was my first thought, no doubt. I then stumbled upon an article about her and in that article it said how back in school Gaga was one of the girls who got bullied by the kids around her, her ex boyfriend himself told her once that she will never succeed on her own, Gaga also is not the type of celebrity who spends nights out partying and getting drunk, she'd rather stay in, be in the studio, write songs and do a lot of brainstorming for her stage concepts and performances.
She really is one of a kind.

That reminds me how Ryan Tedder once write that "No one works harder than Lady Gaga. Nobody. She is unbelievable.", adding to that her personal trainer also added that Gaga never complained about the amount of hours she need to exercise to shape her body up and also stay in shape.

Behind those crazy costumes and acts on public, lies a great lady to look up to. That's an image of Lady Gaga in my opinion. She is, without doubt, a creative, talented person who doesn't go down easily by people's mockeries, she works for the sake of her passion, to appreciate her self, and I think her hard work deserves some thumbs up and to become other's motivation, myself included. Behind her craziness, I really think that not everybody could pull it off the way Gaga does, that goes to the amount of guts and and self expressions.

Lady Gaga is one of a successful people, and that's the reason why I'm very inspired by her.


 photo IMG_1767_zpsc20f90a0.jpg

Jadi ceritanya.. Saya mendadak dapet lucky draw dari Malaysia Airlines gara-gara saya beli tiket Jakarta-Paris untuk jalan-jalan bulan April lalu. Kaget juga, aku sempet ngira tiket gratis ke Bangkok ini cuma 'tipuan' orang aja. Saya sama ibu saya sempet mikir, duh kok bisa-bisanya sih ngebocorin data pelanggan.

Eh gak taunya beneran dapet tiket PP JKT-BKK gratis! Yaudah, saya langsung hubungin suami, ngerayu buat nemenin jalan-jalan hehe tapi kebetulan suami cuma bisa pas weekend jadi akhirnya kami menghabiskan waktu berakhir pekan di Bangkok.

Menjangan Instagram Diary

 photo IMG_0103_zps4b9590b8.jpg
 photo IMG_0054_zps1b3b861a.jpg photo IMG_0099_zpsef3a59a1.jpg photo IMG_0121_zpse1d71f77.jpg photo IMG_0134_zpsf8949879.jpg photo IMG_0136_zps575f1d4e.jpg
 photo IMG_0142_zps7269166b.jpg
Bulan April tahun ini adalah bulan yang super padat!!! Gimana gak padet banget? Aku kerja plus traveling dari Japan-Jakarta-Paris-Jakarta-Bali! Bener-bener pulang ke rumah buat 'titip' cucian kotor, ngedrop dokumen ke kantor, urusin kerjaan kantor terus berangkat lagi. Badan sih capek banget, tapi senang karena impianku selama ini yaitu bekerja sambil jalan-jalan akhirnya tercapai. Tujuan terakhir traveling kali ini adalah foto prewedding di Menjangan, bagian barat dari Bali. Ini pertama kali aku ke Menjangan dan stay di The Menjangan Resort. Ternyata, lumayan jauh juga perjalananku dari airport ke The Menjangan, kurang lebih hampir 4 jam. Lumayan gempor dan berasa pantat tepos selama perjalanan, tapi begitu sampai.. Ahhhhhh rasa capeknya terbayar semua!

Aku nginap dua malam disana, kali ini gak berasa kerja karena I love my couple very much dan cuacanya mendukung sekali. Aku shooting mulai dari sunrise, istirahat (tidur siang kira-kira dua jam) sambil nunggu sore, lalu mulai shooting lagi menjelang sunset. Resort ini cocok banget untuk yang mau menyepi dari keramaian kota, snorkling dan diving. Ada juga beberapa aktifitas lainnya seperti horse riding, kaya king dan cycling. Pastinya pengen balik lagi kesana untuk ngajak suami berlibur.

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