Happy Ramadhan

Can't believe it's been two months since I got married and disappeared from the whole blogging world. So, this very evening, the very same day as the first fasting day, I finally got to sit back and cool down, at our new backyard. And you know by 'our' I mean me and my husband now. :)

 Several days ago, a friend asked me about how married life feels like (I only knew her just recently but I like making conversations with her already!). Without pausing I indeed said "It was everything I ever hoped for, being married is so much fun I didn't know I could feel this joyful." "Really? Wow your answer is such a happy one, it's even contagious! Because many also said, after getting married, you'd most likely go down the hill", said my friend as we spoke.

Well, if I think about it, it is kind of true, I just take it as reality, that's how reality works in my head. Then I added "But if you go through the ups and downs together, start off on things together from the scratch, anything you go through at all would turn to unforgettable memories, no doubt."

This morning, me and my husband had out first 'Sahur' together at our new home. It felt so simple but it made me happy. We just literally moved in to our new house, haven't really done anything much to it such as decorating and exploring the spaces. Kitchen is still quite empty, and we just placed a TV yesterday (thank you for the wedding gift, Sony Indonesia!)

 My husband tweeted "First sahur and fasting with Alodita (I bought a chicken just around the hood, Andra chopped the veggies). Lovely."

Happy fasting to all the moslems around! :)

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