Dream Partners

My days have been ultra exciting recently, and those days had taught me so much along the way. I’m at the moment participating in the making of Andien’s video clip “Gemilang” with several other friends, Candi Soeleman, Kay Tadjoedin & Audy Erel. The clip making is a bit different than the usual this time, because we do the scenes separately and continuously due to clashing schedules of several Indonesian famous people such as Mira Lesmana & Christine Hakim.

 The locations for the clip change too as we shoot. From Bibliotheque, University of Indonesia’s library to Cibubur. It’s a total of 6 day shooting if added up, only we divided the time for each scenes. During the shoot with Christine Hakim I couldn’t come sadly, but the next day’s shooting with Mira Lesmana I tagged along. Done with the scene with Mira Lesmana, Andien herself interviewed her to be put in the teaser clip.

 “Gemilang,” as Mira spoke, “to be ‘gemilang’ (scintillating/sparkle), we must find and be beside, dream partners”, a statement that got us all (crew including Andien) muted and thinking, it wasn’t really the kind of comment we expected. “People may cheer you up and support you through hard times, because it’s simply impossible to be cheery and positive all the time”, Mira added as she finished up the interview.

 It was honestly a touching strike-on statement that shut us all. Got me teary and definitely realizing in a second, that everyone TRULY needs dream partners. People who are able to believe in dreams, power and all the gifts in everyone else including themselves, partners who will push you up when we’re trembling down the steps, partners whose hands are always available for us to hold and chase our dreams together side by side.


A post dedicated to Rizqi Ranadireksa, my biggest dream partner. And to all amazing friends, who always believe in the existence of dreams and who always excuse the fear to chase them.